Dear BTG client

Now that all the long weekends have come to an end, I thought it would be a good time to update clients with the current turn around times of visas on ground level. The holidays were not the only contributing aspect in prolonged turnaround times, that we are experiencing. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is by far the biggest player of pro-longed turnaround times, never seen before, not even during Covid.

It was announced that all spousal settlement waiting periods from date of submission of the biometrics, will now be increased from 12 weeks to 24 weeks with immediate effect. Having said this, we already have applications exceeding 24 weeks.

Ancestral visas are also affected now. We used to see positive outcomes between 15-20 days but suddenly it has moved into a 40 day plus zone.

Most tourist visas, whether for leisure or business have now moved into a 15–25-day zone.

These are all just indicative working days I am quoting. Miracles do sometimes happen, and we receive them sooner, but unfortunately this cannot be said for spousal settlement applications.

Passport applications submitted to Durham, whether it is a first British passport or a renewal, seems to have increased to a 3 month plus turnaround time scenario.

On the positive side, all our Nationality applications submitted to Liverpool, (UKM, UKF, MN1, Romein Judgement/Double decent), are moving swiftly without delay.

Please share this update with friends and family that possibly used other companies to assist, to hopefully give them a little bit of peace of mind.

Thank you